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UI design by Simone Tertoolen

Hi, I am a Simone Tertoolen, Senior UX designer with 15 years of experience. I have worked with various international clients, from large corporates to startups. Feel free to contact me to discuss your project!

Native, Android and iOS apps for TomTom

I have designed many of the TomTom interfaces that have been used by millions of people. Initially, TomTom built their custom UI on dedicated PNDs. Later the focus shifted to iOS and Android apps. By designing for these different platforms I gained extensive knowledge on iOS and Android guidelines and best practices.

A to Z design for startup MINOIS

MINOIS is a smart handbag label, designed for women on the move. I designed everything from A to Z: the handbag, the technical features inside, the wireless charger, the responsive website and the user manual.

Automotive user interfaces for Renault, Mazda and FiatChrysler

Drivers require a very specific UI design approach. I designed interfaces for automotive companies such as Renault, Mazda and Fiat. For the best driver experience, the dashboard needs a radical change, which I worked on in TomTom’s concept car: a user interface with touchpads on the steering wheel and an interactive head-up display.

IoT concepts for TomTom

In TomTom I headed the design team of the product lab. TomTom Dots is a design exploration using IoT to make activity tracking for sports easier. The dots could be attached to sports gear automatically tracking the activities. I worked on the design and prototype of this exploration.

Robotics & AI for TNO

TNO had developed a robot for their automotive test facility in Helmond and asked me to find new applications for their ultra manoeuvrable robot. After many explorations I developed a proposal for a camera robot with a user interface designed for film crew. My interest in robotics was piqued and made me decide to study Artificial intelligence (after finishing Industrial Design Engineering).

Visual design system for junction views

There is a lot of map data available about the roads we drive on. The challenge is how to represent this data in a way that is easy to interpret while driving. Together with developers I designed a system that could translate the data to a collection of visual components to represent the road situation. With a library of thousands of components 90% of the highway junctions could be generated real-time.

Augmented reality concepts for TomTom

As augmented reality solutions were becoming more widely available, TomTom explored this technology for their products. One of the explorations I worked on were the augmented reality ski goggles. A small built-in prism display showed ‘routing’ information and other features for on the ski slope. For this concept, I tested with 3rd party AR hardware.